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These headphones were sent out for review by

Shortly after the last time I reviewed $30 headphones I was forced to quit my job. Although, I don’t see a way for that happening again, as I basically work for myself, although it’s technically a democratic organization of 3 members. Now on to the review. When I first heard about the Sonix line of headphones, I thought they looked a lot like V-MODA’s in-ear headphones. They used a nylon cable, something V-MODA loves to do, they have a “pod-like” design with “L” piece coming out of the earbud – just the cable, they use an all metal design like V-MODA uses, and they use a 45 degree 3.5mm input jack. All of those are characteristics of earbuds I love, and none are V-MODA’s invention, but none the less scream “V-MODA competitor!” The only things included are standard small, medium, and large ear tips, and the ear buds themselves. I’d like to see some sort of pouch included for such nice ear buds, but you have to remember to low price point. Even though the ear buds are somewhat heavy due to the all anodized aluminum design and nylon cable, they still stay in your ears very well. The build quality is excellent due to the high-end materials they used, and they look very modish – although they sometimes give a retro look – in a good way. Moving down to the cable, you’ll notice a nice 45 degree angle jack and some red metal accents. This adds up to a long-lasting, flexible input. Overall build quality is excellent, and they are certainly snazzy.

Now you may be thinking, “so are they just blitz, or do they also pack a punch?” After burning in the ear buds for 24 hours, I got to use them. The experience was like the first time I used good ear buds. Everything got out-of-the-way and I just heard beautiful tunes. You will notice a balanced bass, (so these might not be great for bass junkies) and good highs, mids, and lows. In terms of cable noise, if you’re not listening to music, it is noticeable, especially from the rubber part of the cable, (the braided nylon part seems to block cable noise) but once you turn on music, even at a very low-level like I listen to, you wont notice it. I can certainly say these are the best $30 price range ear buds I have ever used. From my experience testing headphones, these sound and feel more like $100 range headphones, provide nearly as good sound as the V-MODA Vibe Duos, which originally sold for $120, although are now down to $80. Not only that, but some of the best build quality in the in-ear headphone industry, and you’ve got one of the best deals you can find. That’s why I give the Lenntek Sonix ear buds the editor’s choice award for low-cost in-ear headphones.

-Low price point
-Best of class build quality
-Nylon cable
-Excellent sound quality
-45 degree headphone input that barley works with the iPhone 2G

-Very few accessories are included
-The nylon cable only goes up to the yoke

Buy here:
HTC Desire S accessories

Video review:


Well, I’m back, again. Basically I’ve left, and I want to create something new. I wanted to create something that owuld create a dent in the tech universe. iTechGadget was obviously not that. Me, Vincent Paddon, and Brandon Keller are teaming up to create a new HTML5 graphic presentation system for our reviews. This will truly be like no other reviewing site. Although while the site is being developed, we will be writing on this site. Every article on this site from now on will also be put in the private alpha of the new site, and you’ll be able to find any Summer 2011 article. We expect to launch the final site by mid-late Summer, but for now, iTechGadget will hopefully become your source of tech info. To stay informed please subscribe to this blog from the footer of this page. We purchased the domain, so you can now access us from there.

By Tyler Simpson

Recently Apple news sites have been filled of rumors, so I thought we might put them all together and analyze the evidence.

1. New MacBook Pro with Intel Core Sandybridge – happened
(True) The new MacBook pros came out with Core i5 and i7 Sandybridges, thunderbolt I/O, and an HD camera which has been rebranded to be called “FaceTime HD” from “iSight”, even though it was already HD capable. The casing is the exact same as last years model. The 13″ does suffer with a GMA, but the 15″ and 17″ have improved AMD/ATI graphics. Both the 15″ and 17″ have quad core i7 processors, and the 13″ has a dual core i5 or i7. Prices have not changed.

The MacBook pro is due for an update and the Sandybridge line of intel i3, i5, and i7 processors have recently been released (and recalled, and fixed). Apples patented liquid metal technology may also replace the unibody construction, making it even thinner and lighter. moved it’s estimated shipping from 1 day to 3-5 days, and the rumored event will take place on thursday. Recently we got a leak from Bestbuy showing new “Apple Laptop” model numbers. All together it seems as though we can be nearly certain on a update arriving soon that will provide the Sandybridge with faster speeds (except for the graphics card which will suffer with a GMA) and maybe even cheaper prices.

2. iPad 2
(Confirmed) The iPad 2 looks exactly like the mockups, and it comes in a white version. The device has a dual core A5 chip double the speed, and a 9x faster GPU. Photobooth comes with it and it has 2 cameras. The price is the same.
The first iPad was announced at the end of January, yet wasn’t released until Spring. Often Apple will take a while to get the FCC approval and all of that after the first generation of the product is announced and before it is released, yet for later versions nearly instantly release it. I would bet the iPad 2 will be announced in early March and then will be released in mid-March. It would still be a little less then a year after the first generation was released, but it seems to be about the right timing. We first saw leaks of the iPad 2 at CES from case companies that had legit looking iPad display models. These matched up with earlier cases and leaked Photoshop mock-ups. We also found a FaceTime, camera, and the popular among kids app, “Photo booth”. All of this means there is a soon to be announced iPad 2 with at least 1 camera and a slightly new design.

BREAKING NEWS: Apple has sent out invites to the iPad 2 conference and it shows a peeled away calendar with an iPad behind it. The date is March 2nd.

3. Apple flatscreen TV
It’s fairly self explanatory, a Apple TV with a built in tv

4. Bye bye MacBook – nothing changed, the MacBook is still available after the new Pro models came out.
(Somewhat False) When the MacBook Pro’s were updated the MacBook remained the same, yet lost 3 hours of battery life (Apple now uses more accurate tests that have wifi on and use of YouTube and other average tasks). I am hoping to see an update coming with the iPad announcement.

Many say the MacBook will be discontinued when the new MBP comes out. I will miss the great device, but Apple now has it’s MacBook Air starting at the same $1000, and we haven’t seen anything about possible new standard MacBooks. The 13″ Pro is already nearly the same machine, just with a different casing, just as it has been from day one with the black MacBook to the Al. MacBook then later the MacBook Pro 13″. While I hope we see a refresh of the white MacBook, it most likely won’t come.

That’s my roundup of all the new Apple rumors.

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