This application was provided to us for review by TumuIt, creators of Hype.

Your workflow can get cluttered on a small screen, but is overall very usable.

$30 (limited time pricing) from the Mac App Store. Requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6.

Ever since the iPhone launched 4 years ago, it has seemed everyone wants to go into the unknown realm of HTML5. Forgetting the slow, buggy Adobe Flash animations that always scream “COMIC SANS!” Until now there hasn’t really been a way for people who didn’t go to a 4 year course in college about coding to actually use HTML5 in their work. Until now, no one has developed a tool as robust as Adobe’s Flash from its popular Creative Suite. A few former Apple engineers saw this moment, a rare time when no one was making a tool for a fresh, but fairly developed technology that allows much desired animations, videos, and interactive sites to work on the most popular phone in the world. They created Hype. Hype not only brings HTML5 to a usable state, but makes it familiar with a timeline view, much like non-linear editing software. You can simply “record” animations, key frame them, add videos, and make a beautiful site. With this you can create amazing ads, websites, games, and more. Due to the video editor-esque layout, this application is truly unlimited on what you can do.

It may take a little while to get used to, but in the end this is an app that will be easy enough for consumers to use, and powerful enough for professionals to use. Once you get beyond the attraction from the beautiful sites this can make, you’ll notice you cannot zoom in or out in the project. I found this to be very annoying on my 13″ MacBook, as it was cumbersome to resize or place something when I can’t see all of. The inspector was a very important tool, but its large size often got in the way of inputting text or moving objects. My final big gripe about it is its font selection. They provide a few basic fonts, and that’s it. You can’t use any of the other fonts installed on your machines, just the ones included. I understand many machines wouldn’t have the exact font I’d like to use, but they could have used a web-based universal font system. This is a 1.0 release, so I can’t expect it to be perfect, but some of the cons seem like a no brainer.

Other than those, the program is fairly intuitive, fast, and can create some excellent sites. One smaller complaint is the inability to natively support background images. This means you’ll have to fumble around with resizing the image and putting it in the back. Buttons on the other hand do support this feature. It’s a small problem and will likely be fixed in the next update, but as of version 1.0.3, you cannot do a default background. Unlike other site creators, “pages” are managed using “scenes,” just like a Movie. You can have anything link to a scene, but no reloading is required, and you can add a glamorous transition. If you are running your site on a slow server, than initial loading times can be slow, and transitions can be choppy at first. There is a quick preview button to take a look at your website in its current state. When exporting, you do have the option to use either a folder on your computer or an integrated Dropbox option. I would say this is a consumer targeted product, but it is defiantly powerful enough for most users. I do hope to see a “Hype Pro” in the future with a little more expandability. Although, If you want to create an intuitive HTML5 site with smooth transitions that require no reloading, this is really the only out-of-the-download tool for you. I have created many sites so far with this tool, and my next tech reviewing site will certainly be made using it. Overall I suggest this app, and with some small updates, I would give this the editor’s choice award.

-Easy to use, lets everyone get into HTML5
-Fast, reliable
-Works on all modern browsers
-Good video editor-like UI
-Integration with Dropbox
-Instant previews of your current version

-No zooming in and out
-Hard to use on a small monitor
-Poor font selection

4/5 stars

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