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Well, I’m back, again. Basically I’ve left, and I want to create something new. I wanted to create something that owuld create a dent in the tech universe. iTechGadget was obviously not that. Me, Vincent Paddon, and Brandon Keller are teaming up to create a new HTML5 graphic presentation system for our reviews. This will truly be like no other reviewing site. Although while the site is being developed, we will be writing on this site. Every article on this site from now on will also be put in the private alpha of the new site, and you’ll be able to find any Summer 2011 article. We expect to launch the final site by mid-late Summer, but for now, iTechGadget will hopefully become your source of tech info. To stay informed please subscribe to this blog from the footer of this page. We purchased the domain, so you can now access us from there.


This will be literally my last post on iTechGadget. A few months ago, I transitioned onto TechUnwrapped but I said I would make iTechGadget a community reviewing site. That never happened. Vincent Paddon, who happens to be a friend in this place called “the real world,” expressed interest in this abandoned site. I decided to give him it, and I will be training him as a reviewer, so expect good reviews. He will be kicking it off by doing a sweet giveaway of awesome prizes (think android phones, headphones, tablets, cases, etc.) GTGi Tech will still technically own this site, and I will be the editor, and PR department, but Vincent will do all the reviews. iTechGadget will soon have a real domain name, so it will hopefully get more viewers. If you want to check out my work, go to It has been an honor working on iTechGadget, and I will miss it.


By Tyler Simpson

You might ask why I put this in the iTechGadget “Tech Timer”, and the reason is that’s timer has expired. After spending many months here, getting thousands of hits, and getting some review products, I must leave. Don’t worry, neither iTechGadget nor my reviews are going away, just moving.

Let’s talk about iTechGadget’s ‘destiny’. We are creating which will be a community blog. Anyone will be able to post articles by simply submitting it, then our experts will spell/grammar check it and post it. I didn’t say “I”, I said “our experts”. I need a person willing to occasionally write for iTechGadget and be the editor. You would get paid in 35% ad revenue from iTechGadget (the rest going towards giveaways, hosting, etc.) and you would be expected to moderate and post reviews, news and everything else in the tech world. Expect a redesign soon to celebrate iTechGadget 3.0. We are still debating whether to continue development of iTechGadget app or not.

Now about me. I applied for a job at and was accepted. This means my main task will be to write for them. I still have several products coming in the mail for iTechGadget, so I will post those reviews here and on TechUnwrapped. My YouTube career will not change, and Mac Mod Weekend will still happen. That snazzy new logo posted on my last few videos will remain property of both ThatAppleGeek and iTechGadget, and for the most part ThatAppleGeek will remain part of iTechGadget. My time on iTechGadget has been great, but it has come to an end. I will for now on only post ThatAppleGeek video reviews on iTechGadget.

Tyler Simpson
Former editor and lead writer

GTGi Tech anounced their new “Omniverse Mobile” brand today. The first device (and only so far) to be anounced was the “OmniOne” or “omni1″, whichever way you prefer. The device runs Android 2.2 Froyo (current mobile version is 2.3, but 2.2 is still in almost all devices) and has a 3.5” multitouch display. It appears to look like a HTC Desire Z (T-Mobile G2 in the USA) smartphone, except it does not have a physical keyboard. Included in the box is a solar powered charger along with the regular accessories. The main selling point is it’s price, for just an estimated $230 you can get a fully unlocked with your choice of AT&T, T-Mobile USA, or PureTalkUSA SIM cards, although you aren’t required to use any of those carrier’s service. It also includes a built in TV tuner and 2 sim card slots. The device isn’t as fast as an iPhone 4, but it puts itself with about the same specs as the HTC Legand, and half the price. Overall it seems like a solid phone, and I can’t wait to see it in person. GTGi Tech said quote “We will launch the device using Kickestarter, a program that lets people fund products in return for something. No other phone company has tried this, but many case companies have. Although we hope to have success, we may not succeed. That is why we are using Kickstarter, it is practically risk free for us, and unlike regular selling, we really don’t need to keep an inventory until the public decides if it will be a success.” They expect to release the final device in a little over 1 month.

An early, leaked image of the device. Note it has a veepals logo on it, so we are guessing this is an early build before they named it the “omnione”. The file is also called the “gtgi_vp+_phone”, so veepals+ phone must have been the original name.

ThatAppleGeek/iTechGadget’s latest massive giveaway. Everyone who has previously entered the video contest giveaway automatically receives 10 entries for making a video if they post a comment on this video.

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