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These headphones were sent out for review by

Shortly after the last time I reviewed $30 headphones I was forced to quit my job. Although, I don’t see a way for that happening again, as I basically work for myself, although it’s technically a democratic organization of 3 members. Now on to the review. When I first heard about the Sonix line of headphones, I thought they looked a lot like V-MODA’s in-ear headphones. They used a nylon cable, something V-MODA loves to do, they have a “pod-like” design with “L” piece coming out of the earbud – just the cable, they use an all metal design like V-MODA uses, and they use a 45 degree 3.5mm input jack. All of those are characteristics of earbuds I love, and none are V-MODA’s invention, but none the less scream “V-MODA competitor!” The only things included are standard small, medium, and large ear tips, and the ear buds themselves. I’d like to see some sort of pouch included for such nice ear buds, but you have to remember to low price point. Even though the ear buds are somewhat heavy due to the all anodized aluminum design and nylon cable, they still stay in your ears very well. The build quality is excellent due to the high-end materials they used, and they look very modish – although they sometimes give a retro look – in a good way. Moving down to the cable, you’ll notice a nice 45 degree angle jack and some red metal accents. This adds up to a long-lasting, flexible input. Overall build quality is excellent, and they are certainly snazzy.

Now you may be thinking, “so are they just blitz, or do they also pack a punch?” After burning in the ear buds for 24 hours, I got to use them. The experience was like the first time I used good ear buds. Everything got out-of-the-way and I just heard beautiful tunes. You will notice a balanced bass, (so these might not be great for bass junkies) and good highs, mids, and lows. In terms of cable noise, if you’re not listening to music, it is noticeable, especially from the rubber part of the cable, (the braided nylon part seems to block cable noise) but once you turn on music, even at a very low-level like I listen to, you wont notice it. I can certainly say these are the best $30 price range ear buds I have ever used. From my experience testing headphones, these sound and feel more like $100 range headphones, provide nearly as good sound as the V-MODA Vibe Duos, which originally sold for $120, although are now down to $80. Not only that, but some of the best build quality in the in-ear headphone industry, and you’ve got one of the best deals you can find. That’s why I give the Lenntek Sonix ear buds the editor’s choice award for low-cost in-ear headphones.

-Low price point
-Best of class build quality
-Nylon cable
-Excellent sound quality
-45 degree headphone input that barley works with the iPhone 2G

-Very few accessories are included
-The nylon cable only goes up to the yoke

Buy here:
HTC Desire S accessories

Video review:


By Tyler Simpson

I thank Izozzi for sending this case out, but please note I am not at all biased in this review.

Izozzi is a great company that makes iPhone/iPod/iPad cases with artwork on. They have over 40 designs you can choose from, all for just $30. It is a snap-on style case with TPU sides and a polycarbonate (or other plastic) back that protects the artwork.

The overall fit and finish is far above decent and it looks rather studly. I love the TPU, which makes it easy to put on, and the artwork is an original idea that works. The product I got from Hannah Davies has an Apple logo cut out, which is nice. I also noticed the camera hole was surrounded by TPU, not the plastic on the other case I received (which didn’t have the cut-out), this made it easier (then the one sans a cut-out) to put on. Charging with the 30-pin dock connector is a challenge, you must pull up on the TPU to fit it in, and forget about 3rd party adapters. The headphone jack was recessed, but not as recessed as many cases, so it worked with nearly all my headphones. All of the devices side buttons are covered with the TPU material, which is usually okay. I noticed the volume rocker was very difficult to press, and once you did press it it didn’t give any feedback, although the power button was fine. If you can live with those flaws, then I can guarantee you will like this case.

Otterbox’s are great for protection, but not for style. So is a great looking case un-protective? Summed up, no. The Izozzi case provides a small lip to prevent damage from drops face down, and it uses high quality materials. The lip pushed down at the edges of the iPod touch’s screen, which caused bubbling of my wet apply (like ZAG Invisible Shields) screen-shield. The back piece of a skin should be fine for use with this case, as long as it is fairly thin. If you can live with a couple bubbles, then I defiantly suggest a screen-shield for use with this case I do think this case would protect me from a small drop, but note this cases goal isn’t to be super protective. The TPU sides do provide shock absorption, and also a great grip. Overall this case is somewhat protective, but it is more of a Jack then a King of protection.

Izozzi did a good job at making a high quality case that was unlike any other, which is very hard these days. I could easily recommend them to anyone looking for an iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G or iPad 1 case. I rate this case a 8/10, and if they revise it in the future I am sure that could easily bump up to a 10. For $30 ($40 for iPhone, $80-$170 depending on the artist for the iPad 1) this isn’t the cheapest option, but it is one of the better.

ThatAppleGeek/iTechGadget’s latest massive giveaway. Everyone who has previously entered the video contest giveaway automatically receives 10 entries for making a video if they post a comment on this video.

By Tyler Simpson

First, I want to thank iChair for sending 2 of their cases out for review, one as a giveaway item, and one as a review unit. Second, I would like to apologize to iChair for taking a little longer to write this review then I hoped. After doing the video review I felt I needed to test the case out a little more before I did my final take. So, grab some popcorn and lets start this review.

Design and protection
The iChair has a very attractive yet fairly thick (about the thickness of an iPhone 3G(S)) slider case that provides good protection. A thin layer of TPU (a soft yet super shock-absorbing plastic) covers the entire interior. It is a very nice, easy to slide in material. On the outside is a fairly thick layer of plastic coated with rubber. It has a soft-touch feel and feels nice in the hand. The case provides an OK amount of lip (also known as lay on the table design) so that the screen is protected from drops to smooth surfaces. It also includes a screen protector to stop from scratches collecting on your display. I did notice that the buttons were very recessed and the headphone jack doesn’t exactly look welcoming to thicker cords. This makes it hard to press the buttons. Included in the box is an extra top piece of the slider in your choice of white or dark blue. The other top piece and the only bottom part is black. Overall it has an excellent looking and feeling design.

The main design aspect of this case isn’t just it’s fit and finish but mainly it’s kickstand that reminds me of the EVO 4G android smartphone. It works in both landscape and portrait. the main use would be for FaceTime(tm) calling and video watching. On the iPad version it also has a nice typing angle. The kickstand was (you’ll see why I said “was”) nice, and stable for most tasks. The only problems I experienced with it were that it wasn’t stable enough in portrait mode, and it breaks. Yeah, you heard me right, it breaks. The plastic hinges that hold in the kickstand are very small and from pulling it back or putting to much force on the screen I found my iPod touch without a kickstand. I don’t know if this is just a problem in my unit, but the hinges broke way too easily. I double-stick taped it back in the case so not to have an uncomfortable hole, but the main feature and reason this case is on the thick side is now useless. Note that the tests we put case through are equivalent to regular use, just sped up. It is still a great case without the kickstand, just not as appealing for $35.

Even though it may have a couple flaws, this case is still one of the best. If you were interested in the Incase Slider, I suggest this over it any day. It has more features, better protection, and comes with more stuff. It still isn’t the cheapest case in the world, costing you $35, but in the world of large company cases it is defiantly a good price for what you get.

To wrap it all up, this case isn’t perfect, but it is innovative and a good value. I hope to see the kickstand improve in durability in the future (maybe when the iPod touch 4 case comes out) but for now I don’t see many cases that have as good of a balance between protection and style, along with innovative features like the kickstand. I can highly recomend this case to anyone who likes multipurpose cases or slider style cases.

Video review:

By Tyler Simpson

The unexpected happened, I got a case sent out from iChair for review (and a giveaway) before I even got a confirmation email. In this video I unbox the iChair for the iPod touch 2nd and 3rd generation. Please note I had to record the video on my MacBooks iSight camera. The final review will be in HD. Buy here:

What if you could have a case that both protected well, was full of features, and still looked good? I think i found the case, it is the iChair. I will have a review of it very soon.

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